Antique Ford Cars

This list of Ford autos and models is your one stop Ford vehicle display list, including Ford vehicles release dates and body sorts. Among the Ford vehicles recorded beneath are the Ford Contour, Ford Expedition, and any of the Ford organization most recent models. A genuinely American organization, Ford upset vehicle assembling and set the phase for auto culture in the United States. Old Ford autos were a portion of the first out and about, and the rundown beneath has them, as well! Old antique ford car and new, you’ll discover a lot of information here.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a supermini auto produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1976, now in its seventh era. The Fiesta has been produced in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Africa. In 2010, the 6th era Fiesta was presented around the world, making it the principal Fiesta model to be sold in North America since the Fiesta Mark I was ended toward the finish of 1980. The Fiesta has sold more than 16 million. read more information about how to buy ford car at

Ford GT40

The Ford GT40 is an elite American-British continuance hustling auto, fabricated and planned in England and in the United States, and fueled by a progression of American-assembled motors, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four back to back circumstances, from 1966 to 1969. In 1966, with Henry Ford II himself in participation at Le Mans, the Mk II GT40 furnished Ford with the main general Le Mans triumph for an American maker and the principal triumph for an American producer

Antique Ford Cars

Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a vehicle made by the Ford Motor Company in the United States. Presently in its 6th era, it was initially presented in the 1986 model year, and has stayed in close constant creation for over two decades. It has had a Mercury-marked twin the Sable, and an execution variation, the Ford Taurus SHO; likewise, it filled in as the reason for the principal ever front-wheel drive Lincoln can Compare different cars side by clicking here

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a game utility vehicle delivered by the American maker Ford since 1990. The Ford Explorer went ahead to end up distinctly a standout amongst the most well-known game utility vehicles out and about. The model years through 2010 were customary body-on-edge, average size SUVs. For the 2011 model year, Ford moved the Explorer to a more present day uni body, full-measure hybrid SUV/hybrid utility vehicle stage, the same Volvo-determined stage the Ford Flex

Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto is a subcompact auto delivered by the Ford Motor Company for the model years 1971–1980. At first offered as a two-entryway car, hatchback and wagon models followed in 1972. With more than 3 million sold over a 10-year generation run, the Pinto contended in the U.S. showcase against the AMC Gremlin and Chevrolet Vega — out producing both by aggregate creation and additionally by most noteworthy model year generation.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a minimized auto produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1998. Ford started offers of the Focus to Europe in July 1998 and in North America amid 1999 for the 2000 model year. In Europe, North and South America, and South Africa, the Focus supplanted the different renditions of the Ford Escort and Ford Laser sold in those business sectors. In Asia and Australasia, it supplanted the Ford Laser.

Ford Latest Models

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Ford Latest Models

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The new Ford Focus challenged the Fiesta in sheer number of sales but could on follow in second place, with 8,055 units sold in June and 43,825 units year-to-date. These are very impressive figures considering overall new car registrations have fallen; June registrations were down by 6.2%, with a year to date rate of 7.2% down for the first half of 2011. The used Ford S-Max Edinburgh also sold very well.

Diesel cars are also increasing in sales, for Ford diesel models registrations rose by 4.0% in June, and for the first six months of 2011, they are up by 7.5%. Superminis’ market share is one percentage point up, to 36.7%.

Buying Ford Cars

In the world of vintage cars, Ford takes the name as the original leader of the American car industry. The company started in 1908 with the delivery of the Model T, which sold more than 10,000 vehicles in its first year. Since then, Ford has continued to come up with cars and trucks that have become classics in the hearts of Americans from coast to coast.

Ford Cars is one of the most established brands in the US. In fact, it needs no introduction. It has been the iconic symbol of American capitalism and has survived a century full of turmoil. In the process, it has created many models and many fans who enthusiastically buy these models. This article provides a description just to give an idea of the dazzling range of options a buyer of Ford Cars has at his/her disposal.

Vintage: – Ford has been produced for over a century now. Some of the oldest cars are still in use today. They are sold as vintage cars and is a favorite amongst that category of buyers. The first model produced by Henry Ford called “Model-T” which revolutionized American automobiles and made owning cars a household affair is still a hot favorite of many buyers. It prices seem to go higher and higher as time passes and they become rarer.

Buying Ford Cars

Classic: – Classics cars refer to the ones which were produced after world war-2 till the early sixties. This was the period when America was producing some of the best cars and Ford Cars were always one amongst them. There are many famous models which continue to be the darling of the buyers today.

Muscle: – Then came 1960’s. This was the time when America was at the helm of its prosperity. This was reflected in the predisposition of the consumers to buy vehicles which were high performers. Fuel efficiency was secondary and sometimes not a criterion at all. The Ford Mustang GT is one of the best-known muscle cars around the world. It had one of the fast engines of its time and ran like a beast. These cars are still available with some enthusiasts and can be bought from an online dealer with ease. The thrill that Ford Cars, especially the Mustang provides is unparalleled even today.

Contemporary: – Lastly there are the contemporary cars that Ford Motors have been producing of late. Ford Cars are available in all segments to be it the hatchbacks, SUV’s, sedans or luxury vehicles. They are also available at a variety of price points for and there is one for everyone from the average Joe to the super rich guy. Times changed and Ford changed along with it. The challenge now is to provide the best performance along with the most fuel efficiency and Ford has taken the challenge head on.

If you wish to buy used cars for sale, Ford Cars are the best option. This is because time has proven that they are sturdy and reliable and you need not take my word for it. Their spare parts are easily available too. Ford Cars provide you with the best ownership experience as well as the lowest total cost of ownership.